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Error/Warning status events API endpoints explanation

API endpoints allow retrieving information for keep-alive compliancy.

On device type level:

  • Error status events sent for a list of devices
  • Warning status events sent for a list of devices

On device level:

  • Error status events sent for a device

  • Warning status events sent for a device

Error status endpoint

This endpoint allows retrieving keep-alive compliancy error. For each device, the endpoint will return:

  • Device ID
  • Time (epoch format timestamp)
  • Human readable message: "No message received since (date) (time)"
  • Severity : will always be an "ERROR"
  • Device type ID

Additionally, if an error callback has been set and, thus, triggered, the endpoint will return the content and status of the error callback.

Warning status endpoint

This endpoint will only return information under certain conditions: if a device fails to observe its keep-alive delay AND, among the stations that have caught one of the five last messages from the device, a station has failed to communicate with the cloud.

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