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Token state

I want to understand the token status column shown in the Device tab in the Backend.

Step-by-step guide

Every device has its own "Token state":

 : Token state OK: The device has taken a valid token on the current contract

 : Token not consumed: 

    • The device has not yet communicated and so, it has not consumed any token from the current contract 
    • The device has the feature Activable enabled (see register a device article for more information)

 : Off contract or Invalid token:

    • A device's status will turn to off-contract when the device communicates and its token has expired or there is no token left in the associated contract
    • Invalid token is an intermediary status we is set only once you request device information after the token end date.

      This means that for a broken device that will reach the end of token duration, you will see it as invalid token when you will request the device information, but it will never switch to off contract because he can not communicate.

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