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Who certifies What ?

Sigfox Certification types

Partner projects:

  • To provide solutions to connect to Sigfox network, Partner will choose a Module or a Reference Design.
  • To add Sigfox connectivity into End Products, Partner will choose an End Product.

Sigfox proposes 2 certifications types to match partner projects:




Applies to

Certification Details


Sigfox Verified™

Module: Ready to use component to be soldered to a board..


Reference Design: Collection of schematics, Bill of Materials including components values and tolerances, PCB layout, PCB stack to be implemented on a board.             

Both contains specific firmware versions with secured Id/Keys that authorize communication with the Sigfox network

- Conducted tests

- Sigfox Verified™ Certificate (M) and a Sigfox VerifiedTM label





Sigfox Ready™

End Product: Ready to communicate product with a specific customer application embedding secured Ids/Keys and dedicated antenna (integral or external). End Product is communicating in radiated mode and is intended to operate on Sigfox Network to deliver a commercial service without additional transformation.


A Sigfox Verified Module


A Sigfox Verified Reference Design



- Radiated tests and classification.

- Sigfox Ready™Certificate (P) and Sigfox ReadyTM label


To add Sigfox connectivity into Development Solutions, partner will not need to apply for Sigfox certification assuming the solution is based on a Sigfox Verified™ Module or Reference design.

Special case

Applies to

Attribution details



No label

Development Solutions based on a Sigfox Verified Module or a Ref design: Engineering tool, technology evaluation tool or building block to be transformed/integrated in an End Product.

Not used to operate on Sigfox network for commercial service delivery.

Activated in the backend through the Activate portal in the Sigfox cloud

Includes: development kit, breakout, shield, expansion/extension board


A Sigfox Verified Module


A Sigfox Verified Reference Design


- No conducted or radiated tests.

- No classification.

- Partner provides complete datasheet and documentation of the Development solution

Note: any development solution that is NOT based on a Sigfox VerifiedTM module or Reference Design must apply for the Sigfox VerifiedTM certification with conducted tests.

Choose your certification type

The graph below summarizes the choices available to Partners: 

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