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Callbacks & APIAPI

API documentation

The version 2 APIs is available, to retrieve the documentation:

  1. Public documentation based on Device Manager [W] role: go to support.sigfox.com/apidocs

  2. Full API documentation tailored depending on user rights:

    1. Create an API User in the Sigfox portal, via the API Access page (API credential creation):
    2. GET in your preferred format: JSON or YAML.
      1. https://api.sigfox.com/v2/doc.json
      2. https://api.sigfox.com/v2/doc.yaml
    3. If you want to display the API V2 in a human-readable format, we advise you ReDoc for the latest features and swagger editor for quick overview online 

API version legacy (V1)

IMPORTANT NOTICE - V1 APIs deprecation

APIs version 2 is available since october 2018.

API legacy version (V1) is deprecated and still work until end of march 2020.

You have one year to migrate existing codes written on API legacy version (V1) to API version 2.

The API legacy version (V1) documentation is still available as follows:

  1. Go to backend.sigfox.com

  2. Click on "Group" tab and search your own group 
  3. Click on API access on the left menu
  4. Click on the "API documentation" link

API V2 usage documentation:

Sigfox API Usage-rev3.1.4.pdf

API Response code references

API rate limiting

Matrix API legacy (V1) to API V2:

API v1_v2_traceability - Customer 27052019.xlsx

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