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CallbacksCallback troubleshooting

Callback troubleshooting procedure


My callback is not transmitting data to a third-party server / IoT platform.



Sigfox recommends following the checklist here below in order to troubleshoot any errors on callbacks configuration.

If all checks are OK but the problem persists, please contact your Sigfox Distributor Service Desk.







Callback enabled / disabled

Your callback is not enabled.

For uplink callbacks, click on the checkbox on the callbacks page in order to enable it.

For downlink callbacks, click on the blue circle on the callbacks page in order to activate it. If not possible, please check the Downlink callbacks article.


Contract with Downlink service enable

The contract your device type is associated with does not allow downlink communications.

Contact your Sigfox Distributor Service Desk.


HTTP methods

The HTTP method on the callback is not correctly set: GET or POST

Verify that your servers await incoming GET or POST requests, as configured in the Backend.


Callback URL

The URL entered in the callbacks does not point to your server.

Edit your callback in order to correct the URL.


Callbacks in error

Check the Callbacks' status error log. You will find this error log within the Callback menu in the Device Type information page. (cf. Device not communicating article)

If the error is not related to your server (error code lower than 500), please contact your Sigfox Distributor Service Desk.

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