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Sequence number: troubleshooting

Need information about the Sequence number feature, please refer to the Sequence number: general knowledge article.

A sequence number gap caused the Sigfox cloud to raise:

  • A warning event labeled "break in message sequence"
  • An error event labeled "out of message sequence"

Warning event troubleshooting

The warning event is purely informative, it allows you to be informed of a break in message continuity.

Among other reasons, this gap could be due to:

  • The device facing an issue in message emission
  • Some messages have not been caught by the network

Error event troubleshooting

The error event will cause an interruption in message delivery, the cloud could not assess that the message was indeed coming from the device itself. Incoming messages will be discarded until the disengage sequence number feature is used.

Disengage sequence number

When the error event has been raised by the cloud, the only way to resume message delivery is to use the Disengage sequence number feature.

Please be advised that disengaging the sequence number will cause the sequence number received with the next message to be recorded by the cloud as the reference for future comparisons, whatever its value might be. Hence, only use this feature if you are certain of the consistent behavior of your device.

This feature can be used:

  • on device level by browsing to the device information page and clicking the button in the upper-right corner
  • on device type level by browsing to device type information page and clicking the button in the upper-right corner
  • through API (please refer to the API documentation article)

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