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Downlink callbacks


You want to configure the downlink service callback in the Sigfox Backend. This article will help you better understand the downlink data field and how to edit your device type.

General information about the downlink service: Downlink information

Downlink mode

This field has two possible values :

  • Direct: When a downlink request is received from a device, the data configured in the "Downlink data in hexa" field is provided as a payload for the downlink message. Downlink data configuration is explained when clicking on the question mark next to the field.
  • Callback: When a downlink request is received from a device, the configured downlink callback will be pushed by the Sigfox Cloud to the partner's IT platform. Then, the IT platform may provide the downlink payload to be transmitted by the network to the device. If this feature is used one must also create and enable a BIDIR callback in "Device type > Callbacks".
  • None: Downlink is deactivated and will not occur even if requested.

Please note that when the Downlink mode field is set to its Callback value the Downlink data in hexa field turns grey and is impossible to edit. This is due to the fact that the downlink payload is provided in this case by the Partner's IT platform.

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