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Subscription automatic renewal

You can configure subscription automatic renewal at device, device type and contract level. A field has been added to these sections when registering and editing, be it a single item edit or a bulk edition.

The possible statuses are:

  • Allowed
  • Not allowed
  • Ended
  • Renewed

If the automatic renewal of the subscription is not allowed, a warning message is displayed.

How to be sure that the renewal will be effective

If you want a device to keep communicating after the end of its subscription duration, please perform the following checks:

  1. If automatic renewal is enabled at device level, then check step 2. Otherwise, no renewal is allowed.
  2. If automatic renewal is enabled at the device type level, then check step 3. Otherwise, no renewal is allowed.

  3. If renewal is allowed at the contract level, automatic renewal will be effective. Otherwise, no renewal is allowed.

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