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Subscription automatic renewal

Before considering the subscription automatic renewal option, you should check the validity of the contract(s) associated with the device type (available tokens, activation end date and communication end date).

Example of situations where the subscription automatic renewal has no effect:

  • device type associated with a single contract purchased on the Buy platform: a subscription cannot be renewed on the same Buy contract, and no other contract is available to allow renewal.
  • device with a Token validity field = N/A : this means that the associated contract has no communication end date and no subscription duration defined for the associated tokens.

If in doubt, please contact your Sigfox operator directly for more information about your contracts and the application of subscription automatic renewal.

How to be sure that the renewal will be effective

If you want a device to keep communicating after the end of its subscription duration, please perform the following checks:

  1. If automatic renewal is enabled at device level, then check step 2. Otherwise, no renewal is allowed.
  2. If automatic renewal is enabled at the device type level, then check step 3. Otherwise, no renewal is allowed.

  3. If the renewal is enabled at the level of the contract that is still valid, automatic renewal will be effective. Otherwise, no renewal is allowed, but an automatic transition to another contract on the same device type is possible.

Subscription automatic renewal management

You can configure subscription automatic renewal at device, device type and contract level. A field has been added to these sections when registering and editing, be it a single item edit or a bulk edition.

The possible statuses are:

  • Allowed
  • Not allowed: disabled at one of the aforementioned levels
  • Ended: subscription already expired
  • Renewed: renewal already occurred

If the automatic renewal of the subscription is not allowed, a warning message is displayed.


The automatic renewal feature is based on two items of a contract:

  • Subscription duration
  • Communication end date

The subscription duration is a timespan, set in contract's parameters (e.g. one year).

The communication end date is arbitrarily set when creating a contract (e.g. January 1st, 2021).

As an example, let us consider a contract starting on January 1st, 2018 with a one-year subscription duration and an communication end date set to January 1st, 2021.

A device is activated on this contract January 1st, 2018. If the subscription automatic renewal has been activated on all levels (as described above), its information page will display a token validity of 3 years. In case automatic renewal is disabled at one level the token validity will only be 1 year.

When a device has reached its token validity date and renewal or automatic transition to another contract is not allowed or not possible, the token status will change to "Off contrat" status on the next message received.

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