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Device not communicating


One or more devices are transmitting messages but they are not shown within the Sigfox Backend or transmitted to your IoT platform.


Sigfox recommends to follow the checklist herebelow in order to troubleshoot any message delivery problem.

If all checks are OK but the problem persists, please contact your Sigfox Distributor Service Desk.

Item #TitleDescriptionTroubleshooting
1Device identifier (ID)

Check that the Sigfox identifier of the device and the one in the Backend match. The device identifier might be retrieved as follows:

  • Sigfox Ready end products may show the ID on a sticker.
  • Usually, the device ID can be retrieved via AT command over USB or serial port.
  • If a Sigfox Verified module is embedded, you may find the ID displayed on the module casing too.
Look for the right device ID in the Backend.
2Device token validityCheck if the token expiration date is before the current date. This can be found in the Device Information page.Register the device within an active contract, with tokens available.
3Device OFF contractCheck if the device Token validity is equal to "OFF contract". This can be found in the Device Information page.Contact your Sigfox Distributor Service Desk.
4Associated CallbacksCheck if Callbacks associated to the Device Type exist. This information can be found on the Callback menu in the Device Type information page.

Create a Callback.

5Callbacks errorsCheck the Callbacks' status error log. You will find this error log within the Callback menu in the Device Type information page.If the error is not related to your server (error code lower than 500), please contact your Sigfox Distributor Service Desk.

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