API rate limiting

For Cloud efficiency and security reasons, Sigfox is moving a step forward on API rate limiting, by setting upper bounds for some API endpoints use.

Please note that a new HTTP response will have to be integrated by the customer information system in case of exceeded rate : “HTTP 429: too many requests”.

You’ll find below the list of Endpoint with the new rate limitation and reason for change :



Reason for change

Rate limitation (max)

Available from<id>/messages<id>/messages

Retrieve a list of device messages (GET method)

Device messages are pushed by the Backend to the customer Information System via callback and/or connector.

1 request every second.<id><id>

Retrieve device information (GET method)

Update a device (PUT method)

Delete a device (DELETE method)

Device information page is not likely to change frequently (name, last seen etc).

1 request every 60 minutes.


Sigfox reserves the right to modify those limits without notice.

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