API rate limiting

For Cloud efficiency and security reasons, Sigfox is moving a step forward on API rate limiting, by setting upper bounds for some API endpoints use.

Please note that following HTTP response is to be integrated by the customer information system in case of exceeded rate: “HTTP 429: too many requests”.

You’ll find below the list of endpoints with the new rate limitation and reason for change:



Reason for change

Rate limitation (max)

Available from<id>/messages

Retrieve a list of device messages (GET method)

Device messages are pushed by the Backend to the customer Information System via callback and/or connector.

1 request every second.

Retrieve a list of Devices (GET Method)

Optimization/Protection of system resources.

50 requests every 10 seconds.<id>

Update a device (PUT method)

Delete a device (DELETE method)

Device information page is not likely to change frequently (name, last seen etc).

1 request every 60 minutes. the computation of the coverage margins for multiple points, for each redundancy level (POST method)Optimization of system resources5 requests every 5 minutes.{jobId} Retrieve coverage predictions computation from asynchronous job status and results (GET method)Optimization of system resources10 requests every minute. the coverage margins for each redundancy level (GET and POST method)Optimization of system resources10 requests every minute.
Modify a list of devices
Transfer a list of devices
Modify a list of Base-Stations
Optimization/Protection of system resources5 requests every 10 minutes.<id>/messages Retrieve a list of device messages received by the Base Station (GET method)Optimization/Protection of system resources1 request every second.

Sigfox reserves the right to modify those limits without notice.

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