CallbacksError callback

Error callback

An ERROR type callback is triggered when a device does not comply with the keepalive delay set at the device type level. See the dedicated article for further details



timestringEpoch time in secondsEvent trigger time
devicestringin hexadecimal, up to 8 charactersThe ID of the device sending the message
Error information, in case of communication loss, contains the date of the last received message

Severity: WARN.

This means that one of the stations that caught one of the previous 5 messages coming from this device is currently not communicating (COM_STATUS down).

Severity: ERROR.

This means that the keep-alive has been breached, it is sent when the keep-alive is breached and will not occur before it is breached again (meaning before a message has been received and then a new breach occurred).




"info" : "{info}",

"severity" : "{severity}"


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