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Edit multiple devices simultaneously

Want to edit several devices on the Sigfox backend ?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Sigfox Backend
  2. Go to Device tab
  3. Click on Edit series button in the top right corner
  4. Browse to the textfile (.txt or .csv)

    Textfile format

    The format of the file has to be .txt or .csv
    One device per line, each information separated by a semicolon, a comma or a pipe.
    Format: device id, name, latitude, longitude, product certificate key, subscription automatic renewal, activable (all fields except "id" are optional, leave blank if not filled)

    N.B: With the activable feature disabled, a device can be provisioned without consuming any tokens. When the feature is enabled, the device will consume a token with its first payable frame.

    Example file :

    This procedure only works when the modification doesn't impact the contract to which the device(s) being transfered are attached : origin and destination contract must be the same. (E.g. : if you want to move devices from a device type to another, both device types must be related to the same contract)

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