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Replace a device

If your device is faulty or has been stolen, then you can replace it and transfer its token to a new one.

Step-by-step guide

The following procedure is only valid if the target device has no valid token.

Please note that the origin device will switch to off-contract once the token transfer is complete.

The subscription period of the transferred token will not be changed after the replacement and the activation date will remain the same on the information page of the new device.

  1. Register the new device in the same device type as the one you want to replace (see Register a device

    • ⚠️Make sure your target device is off⚠️
    • You can also use the Activable feature in order to avoid that the device consuming a token before the replacement.
  2. Go to Device tab.
  3. Click on Replace series button.
  4. Browse to the textfile containing device IDs (.txt or .csv file).
  5. Click on Ok button.
Textfile format

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