Device managementPrinciples

Downlink information


Some devices are able to both transmit and receive data. SIGFOX connectivity service allows devices to perfom 2-way communications.

Downlink messages can transport up to 8 bytes data to the device. This service relies on callbacks detailed here: Downlink callbacks

Downlink transmission sequence

The Downlink sequence is managed by the device. A downlink message can only be transmitted to the device if it previously asks for it.

  1. The device asks for a downlink message to the network (uplink message including downlink request flag)
  2. The SIGFOX Cloud pushes a callback to the customer IT server and gathers any downlink payload available for this device
  3. Few seconds later the network transmits the downlink message to the device

How does the device manage the downlink?

The device makers defines the downlink requests frequency during the design phase.

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