API versioning

Sigfox manages its API system with its own revision of versioning.

The API version controls the API behaviour (e.g., what properties you see in responses, what parameters are permitted to send in requests, etc.).

A version can be accessed by the API endpoint through a suffix in the endpoint URL. This suffix has the following format: "vX", where X is the major version number: for example,

All requests must include the version suffix in the endpoint URL. The major version always includes the lastest minor and patch version.

To avoid a break in your system, only backward-compatible changes are included in the minor and patch versions.

The backwards-incompatible changes are integrated in the next major version of the API (vX+1). The current API version is stable until its full deprecation.

Here are the changes we consider as backwards-compatible and backwards-incompatible for our Sigfox API:

Backwards-compatible changes

Backwards-incompatible changes

Adding a new API interface

Adding a value to an enum in response message

Adding a new HTTP binding to an interface

Removing or renaming an interface, a field or an enum value

Adding an optional field to the request message

Changing an HTTP binding

Adding a field to the response message

Changing the type of a field

Adding a value to an enum in the request message

Changing visible behavior of existing requests

Changing Error message information in response message

Adding a mandatory field to the request message

Stay informed News and changes are published on Sigfox Portal Home page. Be sure to stay informed by subscribing on your user profile to release emails.

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