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The Middleware Data Platform for IoT Device Management

UnaConnect allows you to remotely onboard and update a large and diverse fleet of sensors, to collect and process data across different networks. Simplify devices integration and deliver aggregated data to multiple end platforms in a secure, reliable and cost-efficient manner.

By alleviating the technical burden of managing a massive fleet of devices you can focus on what matters for your business. Our fair price policy offers transparency and predictability to help you manage costs from the beginning.

  • Tech Agnostic - UnaConnect seamlessly integrates diverse device types regardless of network protocols and delivers the right data format to respective end platforms.
  • Secure & Reliable - UnaConnect ensures data integrity around users, devices, data connectors and data policies. The entire process is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.
  • Flexible & Scalable - UnaConnect lets you manage an unlimited number of devices with ease and configure devices at a granular or group level.
  • Accelerate Go-To-Market - UnaConnect simplifies device management & provides ready-to-use add-on features that are specific to various use cases accelerating your GTM.

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