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Stop a Sigfox subscription and billing

In order to stop the subscription and the billing of your Sigfox devices you can use the unsubscribe feature : Unsubscribe a device, whatever the pricing model.

Ensure that automatic renewal is set to false at least at device level to avoid renewal in case of multicontracts.

⚠️For yearly prepaid contracts (except for contracts purchased on, the unsubscribe shall be set the day before the anniversary date (activation date + x Year(s) - 1day) to avoid a renewal of the subscription.

API and GUI methods are available.

⚠️Disabling automatic renewal is not sufficient to stop the billing, as it applies under specific conditions (cf. Subscription automatic renewal). The billing can also be stopped naturally once the token validity is reached, if any, and provided one message is received by the Sigfox Cloud (triggering the 'off contract' event). However, if no message is received by the Sigfox Cloud once token validity is expired (broken device, device out of coverage), the billing will continue (token status will be 'invalid token' in such case). For this reason, we recommend to use the unsubscribe feature.

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