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Sigfox Service map

The Sigfox service map is accessible on the Backend right from the welcome page. To access it, please click on the Service maps link in the left-hand menu.

This service map allows viewing several levels of details for areas covered by the Sigfox network.

Country selection

Before using the service map, please select the country you wish to check coverage in the top right corner drop-down list.

The drop-down SO menu shows all publicly covered territories. Other territories might be under roll-out. For any inquiry on this topic, please contact your Sigfox operator.

Coverage layer selection

Depending on the device location, select the appropriate coverage layer in the Service overlap list:

    • "max link budget": service map for devices located outdoors
    • "link budget with 20 dB margin": for "light indoor" conditions (device close to a window or a door)


Deep indoor and underground

Device used in deep indoor and underground locations requires a dedicated assessment. Please contact your local Sigfox Operator.

 Product class

This is the quality of emission of your device. It is defined through the Sigfox-Ready certification process. The product class is determined depending on the device transmission performance (signal strength, radiation pattern etc).

In order to be able to calculate the coverage per product class, note that you must apply the attenuation in dB to the highest value in order to have your absolute value for the calculation:

example on product class RC 1/3:

0U : max value 16dBm - 0dB (attenuation) = 16dBm

1U: max value 16dBm - 6dB (attenuation) = 10dBm

2U : max value 16dBm - 11dB (attenuation) = 5dBm

3U: max value 16dBm - 16dB (attenuation) = 0dB

Product class in RC #1/3
ClassRadiated Power EIRP (dBm)
 Impact on service map/coverage API
0U16dBm > P  ≥ 12dBm
0dB attenuation
1U12dBm > P  ≥ 7dBm
6dB attenuation
2U7dBm > P  ≥ 2dBm
11dB attenuation
3UBelow 2dBm

16dB attenuation

Product class in RC #2/4
ClassRadiated Power EIRP (dBm)
 Impact on service map/coverage API
0U24dBm > P  ≥ 20dBm
0dB attenuation
1U20dBm > P  ≥ 15dBm
6dB attenuation
2U15dBm > P  ≥ 10dBm
11dB attenuation
3UBelow 10dBm
16dB attenuation

Product class in RC #5
ClassRadiated Power EIRP (dBm)
 Impact on service map/coverage API
0U14dBm > P  ≥ 10dB
0dB attenuation
1U10dBm > P  ≥ 5dBm
6dB attenuation
2U5dBm > P  ≥ 0dBm
11dB attenuation
3UBelow 0dBm
16dB attenuation

Reading the Service map

The service map shows in a colour code the number of sigfox basestations that may receive a signal from a given location:

  • Blue: only one sigfox basestation is likely to receive the signal
  • Green: 2 sigfox basestations are likely to receive the signal
  • Red: 3 or more sigfox basestations are likely to receive the signal

Please note that the service map is based on a prediction. On-site measurements may diverge.

SIGFOX continuously work on the propagation model calibration for the improvement of these service maps.

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