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Suspend & Resume

All users, both SO & customer alike, now have the ability to 'Suspend' and 'Resume' the communication of a device.


Using the 'Suspend' function does not suspend the billing period or extend the token's validity length. 'Suspend' only stops the communication of a device.
Billing and the lifespan of the device's token will continue to run as normal.

  • Suspend: Used to prevent a device’s messages from being processed by the Backend. This function does not suspend the subscription, but messages cannot be received anymore.

  • Resume: Used to resume communication for a device in ‘Suspend’ status.  The device’s messages begin to be processed again and can be received as normal.

How and when to use these functions 

The 'Suspend' or 'Resume' button can be found in the top right menu of the information page of any device.
You will only be able to see one of these buttons at a time, depending on the current status of the device.

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