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Display the Sigfox Monarch global coverage

A public API endpoint allows displaying Sigfox Monarch global coverage on websites or GIS applications.

This map is retrieved as a layer corresponding to the worldwide Monarch service coverage composed of two values: 1 (covered), and 0 (not covered).

An example of displaying global coverage can be found on

This operation is done in two steps:

  • Get a valid token to retrieve the coverage layer
  • Retrieve the tiles that will compose the coverage layer

Get the token

The dedicated endpoint is documented here:

The token is valid for 72 hours, it is recommended to refresh it daily.

Display the coverage map

Using a GIS tool (e.g. QGIS)

Create a new QGIS project.

In the Browser section, Righ-click on XYZ Tiles and click on New Connection.

Enter a name and paste the tmsTemplateUrl retrieved earlier in the URL field:

Add the layer to the project and display it:

On a website

A bitbucket repository is available with recommendations and example of integrations:

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