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How to become a Sigfox accredited Test House?

1.    Sigfox accredited test house criteria

Any product intended to communicate on the Sigfox network will apply a Sigfox certification.

To foster the development of Sigfox certified end-to-end-solutions, the testing part of the Sigfox certification is being outsourced to Sigfox accredited test houses.

Two kinds of testing are being performed during Sigfox certification depending on the partner project:

    • RF & Protocol tests
    • Radiated Performance tests

RF& Protocol and Radiated Performance specification and test plan are are available on build website build.sigfox.com.

The below table summarizes the testing to be done depending on the certification type:


RF &Protocol testing

Radiated performance testing

Full approach

Tested on the Device

Tested on the Device

Modular approach

Evidences inherited from Sigfox VerifiedTM Modular Design 

Tested on the Device



Sigfox accreditation is opened to any test house that at least complies with the mandatory criteria of the global accreditation chart available at the below link:



Some optional criteria may be taken into account for the Sigfox final decision of the candidate test house accreditation selection:

Accreditation will be delivered based on above criteria fulfillment and possibly with an accreditation audit performed by Sigfox.

2.    Want to apply?

If you are a certification test house and you want to apply to the Sigfox certification test house accreditation,

The Sigfox Certification Authority will be informed of your submission and will come back to you to move forward with the accreditation process.


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