How to use Sens'it after closure of application

Hello Sens'it users,

The platform has been decommissioned since October 2023. However, the Sens'it devices can still be used.

Here are the different steps to continue using a Sens'it.

Get Sigfox Connectivity

If you are not a Sigfox connectivity client, you can purchase Sigfox subscriptions through:

Register my Sens'it on Sigfox Cloud

To register Sens'it, you need to follow the registration procedure given in

You will then need to retrieve your PAC code which has been modified since your first registration.

If you were not able to obtain your PAC during the EOL process kindly contact your local Sigfox Operator if the device is registered under its domain, or submit a ticket to Unabiz service desk.

Callback configuration

You can create your own callback to push the date to your platform/application by following the article: custom-callback-creation

Frame parsing will depend on your Sens'it version, please find below the frame descriptions:





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