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Sigfox Device ARIB Mode White Paper

    Sigfox is building an IoT network that operates in the 920,5-923.5 MHz band in Japan. Connected devices will behave as specified low power radio stations for telemeter, telecontrol and data transmissions, following Article 49, Clause 14-7 and Clause 14-8 of the Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment Regulations.

    Sigfox imposes rules on “customer devices” that are in fact much more stringent on resource usage than the rules given in the regulation and the related ARIB standard STD-T108.

    This whitepaper aims to explain Sigfox device technology and operation in the 920 MHz band and to demonstrate how it complies with ARIB STD-T108 and its specific requirements such as frequency tolerance, carrier sense …

    sigfox device ARIB mode …

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