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Sigfox device for South Korea White Paper

sigfox device SK mode whitepaper_v2.1.pdf

Sigfox is building an IoT network that operates in the 920,8-923.4 MHz band in South Korea. Connected devices will behave as low power radio stations for telemeter, telecontrol and data transmissions, following Korea - RF_equipmentRule30-2016.


Sigfox imposes rules on “customer devices” that are in fact much more stringent on resource usage than the rules given in the regulation and the related Korea - RF_equipmentRule30-2016.


This whitepaper aims to explain Sigfox device technology and operation in the 920 MHz band and to demonstrate how it complies with Korea - RF_equipmentRule30-2016 and specific requirements such as frequency tolerance, carrier sense …

sigfox device SK mode wh…

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