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The Sigfox Cloud can automatically forward some events using Callback services. 

Callback services send custom request named "Callback" containing your device(s) data, along with other variables, to a given server/platform. 

Depending on callback service a callback is triggered by a specific event occurring on Sigfox Cloud. 

Sigfox Cloud provides 2 main categories of Callbacks services:

  • Data and Service Callback services triggered by a network event (device message or device communication behavior). Those callback services are configured at device type level.
  • Event Callback service triggered by an event on the device's entity (its lifecycle, communication status, and subscription) and configured at group level

The available Callbacks services are listed below. All Callbacks services are optional, so subscribe to those that are most relevant for the experience you are trying to create.

Multiple callbacks for the same service is allowed, but Sigfox might restrict this possibility in case of abuse.

Callback service





Send Uplink Message Received event

Reception of the first frame


Send uplink Message Received and return downlink message



Send device battery and temperature information received for modules allowing Out-Of-Band status messages.


Send the network acknowledgment confirming the downlink message emission.


service messages (battery, number of repeated messages,…) only applicable for repeater devices.


Send Uplink Message Received with enriched data:

  • Connectivity Metadata (Link Quality Indicator and country of sending)
  • Geolocation Metadata (Latitude, Longitude, radius, and source - Contract option required)
  • Network Metadata (Base station Id, RSSI per duplicates - contract option required)
25 seconds after Reception of the first frame
 Send an alert when a device does not comply with the keepalive delay set at device type level. DeviceType Setting


Device events

Send alerts that are triggered upon event occurrence (see Event types)

Event base

You can configure a callback service to forward events directly to your servers using either Custom callbacks (see Custom callback creation) or callbacks for one of the 4 platforms integrated with Sigfox's backend (see Callback and Connectors article).

In such cases, some Callbacks services might be restricted, as all callbacks services are not available to all platforms, For more information refer to Partner callback creation.

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